The BRIT Awards 2023 through the eyes of BRIT School student Marie-Luna Savannah-Chigbu Powell

The BRIT Awards 2023 through the eyes of BRIT School student Marie-Luna Savannah-Chigbu Powell

Date published: 12/04/2023

In collaboration with The BRIT Trust, BRIT School students are invited to attend The BRIT Awards, supplying the atmosphere on the red carpet, in the O2 pit and performing as a choir for corporate attendees. Applied Theatre student Marie got a coveted spot next to the red carpet and captured the night on video, which turned into a viral TikTok achieving over 108K views and 18K likes! We asked Marie about her night at the awards, the inspiration behind the viral TikTok and her time at the BRIT School. 

Watch Marie’s TikTok here

Hi! I’m Marie-Luna Savannah-Chigbu Powell and I’m an 18-year-old aspiring actor and presenter currently studying Applied Theatre at The BRIT School. 

Each year, BRIT School students are invited to attend the BRITs in collaboration with The BRIT Trust and it was a day in my calendar that I’ll never forget! From greeting industry stars on the red carpet, to watching artists perform some of my favourite songs live, there was truly, never a dull moment!

I’ve been watching the BRITs at home on TV for years and the artists, performers and stars involved have played a huge part in motivating me to pursue my goals at a more professional level. So being able to go to the actual awards, furthermore the red carpet, is something I’m so grateful to the BRIT School and the Trust for. 

Part of my evening involved being by the red carpet where we got to greet and chat with the various singers, performers and stars that were attending the awards later that evening. It was amazing seeing the likes of Aitch, Stormzy, Lizzo, Lewis Capaldi and many others and asking “who they were wearing” of course, there was nothing but positive vibes!

I’m an aspiring presenter, so having the opportunity to chat with the various attendees on The Red Carpet, felt like a great way to branch out my experience, but also capture my encounters of a very memorable part of the day for TikTok! The question I asked was simple, “who are you wearing today”, the content felt like relaxed and casual conversations between myself and the artists. My friends and I reacted with such positive responses to their answers which lead to the artists responding casually and humorously, a side we don't typically get to see much of at such high-profile events. 

My highlight of the night would have to be Cat Burns’ performance, who previously attended The BRIT School, so it was lovely getting to support an alumni. It’s so empowering to see young women of colour getting their talents highlighted and recognised. 

The BRIT School is a place of expression and abstractionism where I’ve been able to grow, learn and explore my skills and passions. Throughout my studies, I’ve been able to understand the importance of ‘artistic freedom’, as well as honing into my crafts while developing new ones. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to study at a place that incorporates this artistic freedom, while also meeting others with similar ambitions to myself, and creating lifelong friendships along the way.