BRIT Trust Grants

The BRIT Trust considers applications for grant funding that are consistent with its mission statement: "improving lives through the power of music and the creative arts”.

The Trust invites applications from organisations through the BRIT Trust website and other referrals. Applicants are requested to submit an application form, which details information about the organisation, including financial requirements, aims and a description of the benefit that the grant would provide and how effective it is likely to prove.

The Trust’s Grant Committee will review applications in light of this mission while also taking into account long-term and existing commitments along with any grant-making priorities that the Trustees may decide upon.

Grant applications are typically considered at the June meeting of the Trust, and we ask that the applicant organisation is a registered charity.  Applications are invited where any grant made is used to reflect the mission of the BRIT Trust - to improve lives through the power of music and the creative arts. The BRIT Trust regrets that it is not able to consider grants for individuals/scholarships nor make grants for any activity outside of the UK.

Applicants are respectfully asked to bear in mind that requests for funding support typically far outweigh the Trust’s ability to help all the causes that approach it, however deserving these may be and however much it may wish to help. Please note that if you are successful in receiving funds from The BRIT Trust, you will be sent a formal letter of acceptance that you will be required to sign, and The Trust will additionally require formal reporting and evaluation of your activity as part of due diligence.  The BRIT Trust will contact you with further requirements as appropriate.

Each application must be endorsed and jointly put forward by an individual working in the UK music industry.

Grant applications for the next financial year will open in December 2023, with successful applications granted in November 2024 - please check back to download the application form at this time.