Spotlight on London Youth Choirs

7April, 2022
This week we spotlight London Youth Choirs

At the heart of LYC is a family of eight choirs for young people from school year 3 to age 23. The choirs meet once a week in term time, and perform regularly throughout the year across London and beyond.

LYC exist for all of London’s young singers. LYC’s citywide vision has always promised to deliver two things: musical excellence and social change. LYC work to remove barriers to access to ensure that everyone can take part.

London Youth Choirs has received BRIT TRUST funding towards its safeguarding and pastoral care programme.

Rachel Staunton, Artistic Director and co-founder of LYC, said: “Many people relate to the emotive power of music, its ability to transport us, and its inspiring and healing qualities. At London Youth Choirs, it's mega important to us that we support the over-300 individuals who make up our 8 choirs in a holistic and empowering way. We’re so grateful The BRIT Trust have chosen to support LYC with this generous grant, backing our vision to ensure robust and proactive safeguarding, wellbeing and pastoral support remains at the centre of our organisation. This vital investment will help us to deliver an inclusive and sustainable music education for many more young Londoners, and the timing couldn’t be better with the turbulent times young people are living through right now.”

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Photo credit to Ben Tomlin.