Mental Health Awareness Week – Music for Mental Wealth: Laura Westcott, Founder

17May, 2019

music in mental health from some of the initiatives we work closely with including the BRIT School, Nordoff Robbins, Music Support, Key4Life, Help Musicians & more.

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week, Music for Mental Wealth and The Ministry hosted a 90 minute workshop using neuroscience techniques to help musicians and creatives improve their mental well-being.

Sticking with the theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week ‘Body Image’, head coach and facilitator of Music for Mental Wealth, Stewart Lane, led an experiential session with breathing techniques, written and verbal exercises to encourage the group to really reflect on how we feel about our bodies and the way we treat them.

Stewart invited attendees to work in pairs to discuss and appreciate their appearance and offered suggestions going forward on how to maintain a positive mindset in order to lead enriching and fulfilling lives.

Sharing key information based on neuroscience and cognitive restructuring, Stewart explained the connection between the mind and body and why some habits, thinking and behaviours actively work against our best intentions and how we can retrain our brain and start to change them.

Mark Goddard, Manager of Rogo Scott Music said of the workshop:-
“I come from a medical family so I was interested to learn more about the neurological data and research in this course and how it can be used to positively impact one’s mental health. Neurology is a subject I find of particular interest as my father was pioneer in using CT and MRI scans to explore the brain and I also recently suffered a concussion and was made very aware of the fragility of the human body and my brain.
The course gave me a more rounded perspective on how thoughts directly affect one’s general well-being and how addressing, accepting and embracing your body for all its strengths and weaknesses can make you more confident and happy.
In addition the course was an enjoyable and relaxing way to unwind after a hectic day and gave me a number of useful techniques to confront the stresses and strains of modern of life and it was great to meet and get to know new people in a uncontrived and natural social setting. I look forward to coming to another event soon.”

Positive Psychology Coach, Imola Komuves said of the workshop:-
“I signed up for the workshop being curious both professionally and personally and I was very impressed, as it delivered above expectations on all levels! Stewart was an excellent facilitator. He got us immersed from the very beginning in a way that made the whole room comfortable and emerged in the experience. The content was solid and informative, with some exciting research from neuroscience presented in a way that was easy to understand and relate to.
The interactive parts were interspersed perfectly, they were exciting and challenging and I was surprised by how much I learnt in such a short time. The activities and the guided interaction with the other attendees left a particularly positive mark. I left feeling enriched by the experience, for example, because, to my surprise, it uncovered something about my own mind-body relationship which until then did not really cross my mind… By becoming aware of it, I now feel more empowered and that is an awesome outcome to have in hand at the end of a workshop.
Congratulations to the whole Music for Mental Wealth team for their amazing work and looking forward to more to come.”

To find out more about Music for Mental Wealth’s group workshops and one-to-one coaching, contact Laura on: [email protected]