BRITs Apprentice: Lucia Weinrichter, Junior Content Producer @ Fire Records

9March, 2020

I am currently halfway through my Apprenticeship as Junior Content Producer at Fire Records and it’s still as exciting as the first day here! When I look back and think I was selected between 900 applicants for the 2019 BRITs Apprentice Scheme, it still blows my mind away… I’m from Madrid (Spain) and I moved to London around two years ago. Very soon I learned that here, it’s not all about the degrees that you have, it is about the passion, interest and attitude that you show. If you’re keen to achieve something here in London -it’s not going to be easy- but it’s possible.

What made you apply for this BRITs Apprentice role with Fire Records?

I found the offer browsing on Indeed and applied straightaway because it seemed hand-picked for me; firstly because Fire is one of my favourite labels in the UK, and secondly because it was for a role in Marketing, something I’ve been eager to get into for a while. Getting your first job through an apprenticeship is really a blessing because you can get work experience while you’re also learning and getting paid for it!

Who else works in your team, and what are their roles?

My team consists of Jonny Halliday (Label Manager) whom I respond directly, Jonathan Clancy (Sales & Distribution Manager) and James Nicholls (Creative Director/A&R). I also work very closely with the Press Team, that consists of Jenna Jones (Head Of Press) & Alice Gros (European Operations).

What is the first thing you do when you enter the office every morning?

The first thing I do is probably make a strong cup of coffee. Then I will check my emails and check how the posts I did the day before are doing on our socials. After this I’ll probably organise the workload and start with the most urgent stuff, if there’s spare time I’ll think of more content to create some movement around the present campaign we’re working on.

What’s the most exciting project/task you’ve worked on so far?

The most exciting project I’ve been involved must be the campaign for Pictish Trail’s new album ‘Thumb World’ (Out 21st Feb). He’s one of our most recent signings, and we’re just very excited thinking how the people are going to react. From the first time I heard the masters of the recordings, to the first hits on the radio…till the moment we finally held the album in our hands, it’s all such a fascinating process, and I’m really looking forward to see how it works out there!

What’s the most challenging task you’ve undertaken in your role?

One of the most challenging tasks I’ve worked in must be preparing my first mailout, because you have the pressure of thinking what’s going out to 6000 people mailboxes, so you need to be sure you have all the assets, the text and every link working because there’s no turning back.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned on your apprenticeship so far?

The most important thing I’ve learnt so far is that sometimes you have to stop, organise the workload, and give priority to what’s more urgent to not feel overwhelmed. Also, that there’s no excuses if you don’t know how to use a programme in the era of internet. If you’ve never used WordPress, Mailchimp, Linkfire or Photoshop they may seem cryptic to understand at first sight. But fear not, there’s always an answer on google, and support available!

What advice would you give someone hoping to take part in an apprenticeship?

The main piece of advice I would give is never be intimidated by how unreachable you think a company is. Every company, no matter how big it seems, is made by individuals like you and me. All these people started from somewhere, so never feel like you’re not good enough and just go for it!

What’s your next steps once you have completed your apprenticeship?

I would love to stay at my current workplace and expand my horizons on music marketing, artist management and in the future possibly A&R. There’s so much to learn that I feel like this is just the beginning

How would you describe the training and support you are receiving from DiVA?

The people from DiVA have been amazing from the first day. They made all the hiring process easy and the training they offer really compliments the learning process of the apprenticeship. I can honestly say that I’ve never met a team as dedicated and caring as they are.

Describe your BRITs Apprenticeship experience in three words.

Challenging. Exciting. Gratifying.

Finally, I’d like say thanks to the BPI, everyone from DiVA and Fire Records for giving me the opportunity to have this amazing life and work experience, and good luck to all the future applicants!