BRITs Apprentice: Kathryn Brewer – Junior Creative Technician Apprentice @ OneMedia

25January, 2020

The BRITs Apprentice Scheme offers ten talented individuals the chance to kick-start their careers in the music industry thanks to this scheme created by the BPI and funded by money raised by the BRIT Awards. We spoke to one of our Apprentices, Kathryn, about her time at OneMedia.

What made you apply for this BRITs Apprentice role with One Media?

Going through school, I never really had a clear idea of where I was headed career wise so after my A-levels I decided to not go to university and go straight into work. I found the role online after I had decided that doing an apprenticeship seemed like the perfect thing for me; getting on the job training, a qualification all while getting paid too! The role at One Media seemed so surreal! It was based at Pinewood Studios and the role was for an apprentice Junior Creative Technician which was perfect for me as I had always wanted to pursue something creative.

Who else works in your team, and what are their roles?

The team at One Media is very small but very close knit. In the Creative team are Lewis, Marc and myself who prepare our companies assets for digital release. My manager Vicki makes sure we are doing everything we need to be all while doing a multitude of other jobs!
We then have our Development Team working on the new SAAS platform TCAT (Technical Copyright Analysis Tool) consisting of Mahroo, Giuseppe and their director Philip. Finally, we have the directors Alice and Steve and the CEO Michael. Everyone is so friendly and helpful – I feel like I was welcomed straight away!

What is the first thing you do when you enter the office every morning?

The first thing I do will be to turn on my computer and then make myself a tea or coffee – I drive up the M25 to get to work so a hot drink is needed! I make sure that the director’s desks are clear of mugs and make sure everything is washed up and tidy for the day. I then check my emails and start work!

What’s the most exciting project/task you’ve worked on so far?

One of the biggest projects I’ve worked on so far is working on one of our catalogues updating the metadata and re-doing all the album artworks. I’ve created over 100 artworks which has been so much fun – I’ve learned how to use Photoshop to create effective and eye-catching artworks.

What’s the most challenging task you’ve undertaken in your role?

It would have to be the same as above actually – although creating artwork is a lot of fun, trying to create something new and fresh once you’ve done so many is quite hard! We also must keep to a deadline so there is the working under pressure too.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned on your apprenticeship so far?

Organisation is so important and prioritizing tasks to make sure everything is done on time. I’ve also learned how valuable it is to ask for advice and help from my colleagues – it’s hard to ask for help sometimes but everyone is always happy to do so!

What advice would you give someone hoping to take part in an apprenticeship?

Do it! It’s an amazing experience and it can open so many doors for you. It can seem scary to apply but take that step and go for it – you won’t regret it. Also, most importantly, don’t give up if you don’t succeed the first time. I applied for 3 other apprenticeships before this one and didn’t get further than the first interview. Turns out the perfect apprenticeship was waiting for me just around the corner!

What’s your next steps once you have completed your apprenticeship?

It’s cliché to say but I guess I’ll see where the future takes me! I would love to continue to work in the creative industry and working in music while doing so would be perfect. If I get the opportunity, I’d also be interested to explore other aspects of the music industry.

Describe your BRITs Apprenticeship experience in three words

Positive. Exciting. Life-changing.